HD digital porcelain




cm inches
7,5x30 3"x12"


10 mm


Technical specifications

UNI EN ISO 10545-7: PEI 4 (field tiles)
UNI EN ISO 10545-7: PEI 3 (colored tiles)


ANSI 137.1: DCOF FIELD TILE Wet 0,69 – COLORED TILE Wet 0,53

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Who colors? U-COLOR!!
U-color is not simply a series, but is more an idea or a concept.
It has been thought up to offer an endless choice of colours to enhance the creative minds of designers and to generate new trends.
The intent is to offer outstanding production flexibility as well as a range of colours that cannot be matched with conventional firing systems, typical of the tile manufacturing industry. We have consequently chosen the cold glazing production process because it allows you to minimise environmental impact and to produce small lots, but still consequently guaranteeing an endless availability of colours.
We have used a small tile size to interpret wood with a difference and totally unlike that currently available on the market; we were inspired by the industrial wooden floors of the 70’s, typical of residential architecture of those days.
In times in which the key word is sequential succession and standardisation, we want to draw the consumers’ attention to the handcrafted features, where instead of a machine, it is the man’s creative hand at the service of the material.
Consequently, it is an artisan product and each piece is unique, with slight differences in colour, shades or even slight imperfections created intentionally to add further value to the product.