Silver Stone


Porcelain stoneware UGL


NATURAL / RECTIFIED - Liscio (only 24"x48", 8"x48", 18"x36", 24"x24", 12"x24")
SEMI-POLISHED / RECTIFIED - Liscio (only 24"x24", 12"x24")
TEXTURED / RECTIFIED - Mix (only 24"x24", 12"x24", 6"x24", Provenzale, Esagona)
TEXTURED / RECTIFIED - Outdoor Riga (only 24"x24", 12"x24")


cm inches
Liscio 60x120 Liscio 24"x48"
Liscio 20x120 Liscio 8"x48"
Liscio 45x90 Liscio 18"x36"
Liscio/Mix/Riga 60x60 Liscio/Mix/Riga 24"x24"
Liscio/Mix/Riga 30x60 Liscio/Mix/Riga 12"x24"
Liscio/Mix 15x60 Liscio/Mix 6"x24"
Provenzale Mix 16x16 Provenzale Mix 6"x6"
Esagona Mix 19x22 Esagona Mix 7"x8"


10 mm


Technical specifications

V2 (Liscio, Riga)
V4 (Mix)

ANSI 137.1: DCOF Natural Wet 0.50
ANSI 137.1: DCOF Semi-Polished Wet 0.48
ANSI 137.1: DCOF Textured Wet 0.49

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SILVER STONE is a stone effect porcelain stoneware inspired by a uniform, compact Italian stone, Bedonia, whose original colour features and texture it maintains. The collection is marked by different finishes suited to both indoor and outdoor use. The style is restrained, for cosy atmospheres dominated by neutral colours and “industrial” understatements.