HD digital colored body porcelain


NATURAL / RECTIFIED (all finishes but the​ 8"x48")
GOCCIA / RECTIFIED (only 24"x24", 12"x24")
GRAFFIO / RECTIFIED (only 8"x48", 24"x24", 12"x24")


cm inches
120x120 48"x48"
60x120 24"x48"
20x120 8"x48"
60x60 24"x24"
30x60 12"x24"
Mix 7,5x30 Mix 3"x24"
Esagona Mix 22,5x19,5 Esagona Mix 9"x8"


12 mm (48"x48")
10 mm (all the other sizes)


Technical specifications

UNI EN ISO 10545-7: PEI 4 (Grigio/Fango)
UNI EN ISO 10545-7: PEI 5 (Bianco)


ANSI 137.1: DCOF Wet 0,71

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Stone, a primordial element and its various structures, become the subject of this new creative project.
Starting by repurposing the complex simplicity of a stone from the Nordic lake.
A stone characterized by a mixture of grains of various sizes, where the random variation of graininess and the change of the various shades in tone – given by the different point of its extraction – are its fundamental characteristics.
To enhance these natural characteristics we are immersed in a study and analysis of different cuts and tones, aiming primarily towards architectural design.
Along with the natural finish, a ridged surface and a scratched are conceived in three colors: White, Grey and Mud.
Otto, our eighth creation.