Micro 6






cm inches
30x30 MESH-MOUNTED (6mm x 6mm) 12"x12" MESH-MOUNTED (6mm x 6mm)


4 mm


Micro 6

Specifiche tecniche

ISO 10545-9

ISO 10545-12

ISO 10545-13: A|LA|HA

ISO 10545-14

DIN 51097:1992: CLASS C

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An original testimony to show how the value of the coating is linked to the environmentally sustainable quality of the material, to the possibilities of its use and also to its aesthetic appeal.

Mosaico Micro was born around the idea of using recycled products, especially the glass, to create a surface environment friendly. The glass Mosaico Micro uses to make its product range is obtained via the cathode ray tube recycling process. Powders are then mixed with clay in water to become a raw material to be shaped. Every single 6 x 6 x 4mm tile is unique and so are the colors with multiple nuances within the same hue. These small tiles, joined together to make sheets, can be used in an uninterrupted way to cover both flat and curved spaces, giving the sense of a continuous surface. Micro 6 can be used both indoors and outdoors including spas, wellness centers and pools.