Innovative Materials For Building: Let’s Compare Porcelain Tiles And Natural Materials. Advantages And Differences Between Porcelain Tiles And Natural Materials

Since years, the public space architecture and furnishing world has been subject to choose between the beauty and the elegance of natural materials, such as wood, marble or stone, and the flexible and industrial results of the porcelain tile industry. During the years, the industrial production of ceramic tiles has reached top levels in terms […]


Free tips for the best bathroom wall covering ideas

Have you ever thought about how many possibilities you have to decorate the walls of your bathroom? Although it might sound challenging, even wet environments deserve a touch of style and design. But how can you do that in an innovative and unexpected way? Don’t stick with the plain aesthetic of classic and dated bathroom […]


Marble tiles – answering the questions you are asking yourself right now

Marble is a well-known material all over the world. Our knowledge of marble mostly derives from marvelous works of art of Michelangelo, Bernini and other famous artists from ancient times. Despite the worldwide notoriety, when it comes to decorate the surfaces of our homes, we ask ourselves plenty of questions about marble tiles. Let’s see […]