Gres porcellanato


NATURALE / RETTIFICATO (tutte le misure)
LUCIDATO / RETTIFICATO (tutte le misure)
STRUTTURATO / RETTIFICATO - Esterno (solo 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm)
STRUTTURATO / RETTIFICATO - Esterno Spessore 20mm (solo 75x75 cm)


cm inches
60x120 24”x48”
60x60 24”x24”
30x60 12”x24”


10mm (tutte le altre misure)

20mm (solo 75x75 cm)


Specifiche tecniche

(V3): Piastrelle con media variazione di tono e disegno
Tiles with moderate shade and aspect variation

ANSI 137.1: DCOF Natural Wet 0.50
ANSI 137.1: DCOF Semi-Polished Wet 0.49

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Sand is an element rich in emotions, and even when it sediments and compacts into rock it is able to create a warm and pleasant appearance.
Arenaria is a porcelain stoneware with the finest grain, warm and neutral shades that adapts perfectly to any living and interior design solution.