Three life long friends and business partners, founded Immagina in 2007, an agency representing various premium brands for floor and wall coverings, with the aim to promote the excellence of the “Made in Italy” to distributors, architects and designers at an International level.
The internationalization process starts in Italy, the center of innovation and creativity in the field of ceramics, also where the headquarter is located. We operate both into the North and South american markets with two dedicated brands: I- Design, based in Houston, Texas, is responsible for promoting and selling products in the United States and Canada.
Obra Creativa, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, offers a strategic presence for distribution in Latin America.


The critical role team Immagina plays, is finding customized solutions for each customer.
A heterogeneous group of professionals and synergistic ceramics, together with many years experience in sales, a passion for architecture and design, fashion and art, is what makes work a passion.
+ Synergy: We act as a catalyst for new ideas and products, we offer customers the right materials to their segment of target market.Being on the field almost daily, allows us to share our experience with other companies to develop new products that can meet the sensitivity of our times and market.
+ Consulting: The daily activities on the field, allows us to share our experiences with different brands so that they can develop lines that are sensitive to our times.
+ Support: Access to a significant amount of first-hand information provides us with a thorough understanding of the world of contemporary ceramics, trends and opportunities in future development.